Recently I was seeing/observing a lot of contradictions. I am not sure when this statement was said/ if it was true by Steve Jobs

“There’s lots of ways to be as a person. And some people express their deep appreciation in different ways. But one of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there. And you never meet the people, you never shake their hands, you never hear their story or tell yours, but somehow, in the act of making something with a great deal of care and love, something is transmitted there. And it’s a way of expressing to the rest of our species our deep appreciation. So we need to be true to who we are, and remember what’s really important to us. That’s what is going to keep Apple Apple, if we keep us us. “

One cannot miss the depth of the statement made by him and he must truly understand to make a statement like that. Now I have heard and read, that Steve didn’t treat people well, or he is a shit person when it comes to people. This is the contradiction, how could a person of such deep understanding mistreat people? It kind of doesn’t make sense. At least I think, the more you understand how world works, the more you empathize. Maybe my assumptions were wrong. There is no rule saying if you understand the world more, the more you should empathize. How do i explain this contradiction?
However, there is one thing, as a manager if you kind of command, order, mistreat the results we get from people is their increase in performance and output. But this puts a lot of pressure and stress on the employee. Obviously the results cannot be sustained for very long, either the employee quits or attempts to take advantage of loop holes. Then the question is this method of dealing with employees worth it?
The other method, managers use is to motivate employees to obtain results. As far as I know till date, this method hasn’t produced admirable results. People knew, whether someone is genuine or not and they can detect whether one is confident of what they say. If not, whatever you say, they will not care. In the end it is not possible for employees to trust a company as they trust a friend for the simple reason both the contexts are different. One operates based on revenues, profits and losses and the other at the least based on good intentions for each other.
The more I observe, the more I see contradictions, we say something, we do other thing and we believe something else. It’s very complex indeed. It seems like we need to Balance. Of all the things, the art of balancing is very difficult. A lot depends on the context. external factors, observable and non-observable factors, controllable and uncontrollable acts/factors, foreseeable and unforeseeable factors, and many more things. Of all these factors, the subject experience  and his reaction/response to the events is one of greatest importance.

Abnormalize song of Psycho-Pass

I liked the show, and mostly the title song Abnormalize. So i found the lyrics of the song which are awesome…

Things that I can’t show to anyone are flooding my mind
I’ve gone lost in a world where not even mistakes exist

This is a “world” phenomenon where only the visible things are real
and that has been rubbed in to an unbelievable degree
So can I expose it for what it is?

Plastic Tac Tic, no one can be driven insane anymore
You’re also in this plastic beautiful world
In a world that’s too pretty, I can’t see the light for some reason
and my rupturing heart is an infinite reflection

secret remains for you, don’t expose the fake colors and the future
fake’s plastic world, keep it secret motion

Secretive and confined
Even the visible things are my fake show
They’re the reverse of the truth

Telecastic Tac Tic
Everything seems to be normal by now, right?
The abnormal plastic normal world
is an infinite reflection of the world that’s all too emotionless

This place is already a gestalt illusion; every single person and thing is separated
and dyes all in the color of the truth inside the hologram

secret remains for you, fake’s plastic world
We’ll notice that if we expose everything, memories will shoot apart the present

Everything is turned inside-out and the illusion is already at the end
So I’m even scared of the truth
This is a “world” phenomenon where only the visible things are real
Where falsehoods go hand in hand, reflecting everything

Things that no one can satisfy are flooding my mind
But if this is where I belong, that’s not enough for me

Random Poetry – Don’t Laugh

“A small world in a large vacuum ruled by Randomness,
yet, very tiny beings inside it called Humans,
were, unable to accept the Fact, so they invented Things
nature would never have permitted, called
Love, Loyalty, Good. It seems the world couldn’t  Exist
without opposites, so qualities like Hate, Unfaithful, Bad
came into Existence.”
To be continued…

“I was looking for you all my Life,
and I always confused myself whenever I see a Girl,
that it was you,up till now.
But when I saw you, I felt like my search was over and
my dream had come true,
that there will always be Someone,
who would atleast think about me till my death, and
It is YOU
and I needn’t feel alone/ torture myself anymore and
I am finally at peace,
that you are there for me.”
To be continued..

Short Story – Doberman and Me


Me and my best friend, Ricky Mehlinger, made a regular routine out of this for about a month. We’d filch a sixer and drink it down in the concrete drainage ditch and let the Doberman chase us. The Doberman was one big, ugly, mean-eyed dog. He ruled three backyards. One day we were just finishing off our beer and looked up and there he sat on the corner of the brick wall looking down at us like an evil gargoyle. A split second before he leaped down, we took off running. Then here he came, snapping at our heels. I literally felt his teeth on the back of my shoe right before I scrambled up a stockade fence. It was a blast.

After that, we always made sure to walk by his domain after we finished our six-pack, and without fail, he’d spring out from nowhere, wild-eyed and slobbering. Then one day I bet Ricky five dollars he wouldn’t try to make it all the way through the Doberman’s backyard and touch the wrought-iron gate around the swimming pool. He chugged the rest of his beer and said, “You’re on, dude.”

It was hilarious. Ricky got about halfway through the backyard before the Doberman came tearing around the corner of the house. Ricky’s face went all Macaulay Culkin, and he took off at a sprint for the swimming pool gate, the dog chomping air right behind him. He tried to flop over the gate but got seriously hung up on the black, wrought-iron spikes. That’s when I saw it. The Doberman kept barking and chomping at Ricky’s ankles, but he never took a bite. He could’ve easily gnawed Ricky’s leg off, but when it came down to it, he was just like us—out for a good time and nothing more.

That broke the spell. We knew the old Doberman wasn’t really mean and he knew we knew. We’d still drink our beer down in the drainage ditch, but now the dog would sit there with us and let us stroke his head. It was September, the season of the dog. Our parents didn’t know where we were . It was spectacular.

The above short story was from THE SPECTACULAR NOW by Tim Tharp. I liked the story.