Ant Colonies

In Ant colonies the purpose of the male ants is to inseminate. Once they are incapable of that, the male ant is either expelled from the group or killed. There are 2 castes for ants, queens whose main function is to reproduce. And worker bees, sterile females whose function is to work endlessly.

For any task or work ants co-operate with help of pheromones, chemicals that hint what other ants should do. It is a completely hierarchical model. Every ant has some function that needs to be doing, otherwise be expelled. Ants have survived alongside us with their hierarchical model, whose function is greatly optimized by information sharing through pheromones.

Modern organizations mostly operate based on the hierarchical model. Tools like slack, emails enable information sharing, Recruitment enables finishing specific tasks through recruitment of right candidates. The people who doesn’t contribute are expelled from organisation. While this model is good for particular tasks, it doesn’t work in contexts where agile movements and actions are required because hierarchical model will choke the organisation with its processes and permissions needed to get a work done. Hierarchical model isn’t necessary when the team size is small. Hierarchical models will kill the creative potential of individuals, a being with an inkling toward freedom can’t survive in hierarchical based groups. Moreover you will encourage individuals to follow rather than create, while it might have worked for ants, it won’t work for humans. We survive because we can think of innovative and creative solutions for the problems we face. In hierarchical models for every problem we look up to managers like queens in ant colonies. It’s a terrible mistake to place absolute power in a single person. Sometimes I wonder Autocracy, Kleptocracy, Democracy, Authoritarianism and all kinds of government forms have its origin from Hierarchical Model. The model might have been adopted/changed slightly inorder to survive. Atleast I think hierarchical models are ancient just like our human ancestors Neanderthal. Ant colonies are living example of species surviving based on an Ancient model whose origin I don’t know.

While this system might work for some corporations, I am not sure whether it works in society. Human Civilizations work on different models, one model maybe suitable at a particular time, and the same model will be useless at other times. Mostly it depends on the context. If civilization models can’t adapt to the changing contexts they will die.


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