Ethical Dilemma

Last Week, I was traveling from my sisters home to my home by Auto which is approx. 20 km. apart. So here is what happened.

The driver didn’t give a ride to a person who is suffering from a skin disease. If you see the person you will know. Here is the thing. Is it right, not to give a ride to the diseased person?

While the dilemma is an old one, I think the answer is bit complex. From goodness point of view, it is wrong. For how couldn’t you not give a ride to a person based on some skin disease. He is ready to pay the ride. In an ideal world, you are obligated to give him a ride out of duty and compassion.

But in the practical world, he can’t give the ride because it would affect his business for who wants to sit beside a person who has some skin disease, it may not be contagious. But still the site of the disease makes us feel uncomfortable, sometimes horrible. Might be because of evolution as man tried to deal with diseases by isolating the people with disease. For some socially conscious might say, it might not affect his business by just giving a single ride. But the thing is, he was already earning a small wage monthly. Losing even a single ride might affect him personally. So what would you do in this case?

Maybe some serious people might get down from the ride, because of personal moral values, causing uncomfortable in others, for these people now have to question their own moral values. But this is an ideal case, but I think such a person might not get very far in this financially motivated world. There are other people like me I guess who are observers, who think by doing small things, is not going to change the world. So let the world play out and watch from a distance until it affects our personal lives or we become victims. So whatever, the dilemma is this what would you do in this situation?


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