Free Will with Constraints?

Lately I was wondering is there any such thing as complete free will? For me free will is nothing but the complete freedom to do anything you want to do. I am not going to discuss the moral constraints . I do accept the moral constraints. Even when you act according to morals, still you are not using your free will. Because you are constrained by the rules of the game/life/situation. You might think what you are doing is completely according to your will, but you aren’t. That is a big illusion. Let me illustrate this

I am not much of a cricket fan or neither do i know much about it. But with whatever I know let me explain, If you observe cricket matches, bowlers and batmen are limited by ground size, playing field, audiences, boundaries, climate and many more things. They don’t have control over them nor they can influence them but the inverse is true. The players are influenced by all the limiting factors. When a batmen or bowler plays very well, we think he has complete will over his playing but it is not, it is only for the time being. He is happy playing within the constraints and thinks everything is according to his plans, practice, skill but unfortunately it is luck most of the time. If it is not, a player should perform consistently. There are players who perform consistently, yes they have complete free will within those constraints. But it is a rare thing.

Likewise Life is a game, we are constrained by the fact that we are living a life and unfathomed things. Successful people are those who got lucky at some point. To think that they have complete freewill over the things is absolute blunder. Big Companies which are performing consistently are those which slowly mastered free will within the constraints of business.

What if someday we realize that life, earth, things are nothing but a part in the grand game designed by someone or something. What would you do when you realize your total life is an illusion?


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