Idea of India

When we talk about America, the one thing we can think about is ‘It’s a land of Opportunity, where anyone with right ideas can do something about it ‘. This sentence captures the essence of the country in one sentence. Of course there are also other things about the country other than the one sentence.In a similar fashion what is the essence of our country? Normally or most people would say ‘India is a pluralist country or we have unity in diversity’ where every religion can find a place in our country. This is also what I found in most articles and blogs. But I don’t know, somehow I feel there is something lacking.

We are viewed as a spiritual country, wherein different cultures, religions coexist. I mean is that it? Doesn’t the essence of country change over time. I mean America is not the Land of Opportunities from its inception, neither is India’s Unity in Diversity. Normally we would capture the essence of the country by looking into the country history and finding some common themes. So what I am trying to say is if we change something in the present, then future generations/ posterity might look into their country’s history and alter their perception of the country.

The thing that is troubling me is the idea of India as pluralist nation isn’t enough. I am expecting it to be more. For example, I am a aspiring youth, maybe someday I want to have some money, own a house, etc.., for me the idea of India doesn’t inspire me, provide me with any psychological incentive like American dream to do something/ action towards fulfilling my dreams. When I think of India, I could think of it only as a peaceful nation, not as economically vibrant nation. Now am I being naive or wrong to not to accept the notion of my country as just a pluralist nation. What can this country offer me? I know some of you might be thinking ‘Ask not what this country can do for you, ask yourself what you can do for this country’. At some point we are all selfish. Now back to our question, during the period of Mauryan, Gupta ours was a very vibrant economic country, along with pluralism for we have Buddhism coexisted with Hinduism at that time. Even we can say our country is a pluralist nation from very long back, we have so many divisions within Hinduism, so many castes just like religions, yet we leaved peacefully with minor disturbances.So I don’t think pluralism, diversity of our country is a new thought. I would say this idea of pluralism/diversity got revived after Independence. But our economic situation didn’t get revived. So I ask again ‘What is the Idea of India’ during these changing times.

Now the economic question ‘Will we ever achieve an economy equal or more to that of Developed Nations’. I think we might face 2 major issues 1) Resources 2) Population. To be frank ours is a small country with enough resources to feed majority of population. We can’t can go forever like this, at some point we have to give a serious consideration to Climate, Resources, Population. The gap between unemployment and opportunities is so much high within our country and will continue the same because of our population. Either we need more land or we must do some Awesome Innovations to both satisfy the desires/needs of our people and to become a rich country. What are we doing to become rich? To be frank most of our people’s potential, energies, talent is going waste and I don’t know where.

I don’t want my country to just be a Diversified/Pluralist nation. I want it to be more, to combine the changing needs of our people to our old philosophy. The Idea of India has to be something which could drive the young people into taking action to satisfy their needs, desires along the way helping our country to become rich.


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