Random Poetry – Don’t Laugh

“A small world in a large vacuum ruled by Randomness,
yet, very tiny beings inside it called Humans,
were, unable to accept the Fact, so they invented Things
nature would never have permitted, called
Love, Loyalty, Good. It seems the world couldn’t  Exist
without opposites, so qualities like Hate, Unfaithful, Bad
came into Existence.”
To be continued…

“I was looking for you all my Life,
and I always confused myself whenever I see a Girl,
that it was you,up till now.
But when I saw you, I felt like my search was over and
my dream had come true,
that there will always be Someone,
who would atleast think about me till my death, and
It is YOU
and I needn’t feel alone/ torture myself anymore and
I am finally at peace,
that you are there for me.”
To be continued..

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