15 Million Arts – Black Mirror

The second episode “15 Million Arts” is a very depressive portrayal of future, like Dystopian Sci-Fi novels. The future world is full of screens, with onslaught of personalized ads, which you cannot escape from, unless you have credits(sort of like digital money – no more cash). What bothers me most is the life kind of becomes empty, mundane, you are a cog in a wheel with no meaning at all and how technology strains our relationships, emotions, authenticity taken away from us. Here is the synopsis of the episode
It was set in a Brave New World, with ordinary humans reduced to the status of TV-addled drones. Bing, played by Psychoville’s Daniel Kaluuya, was one such beaten-down prole, cocooned inside his drab virtual world and forced to spend his days pedaling for credits while living his life vicariously through a video game avatar.
When Bing heard pretty new female drone Abi (Downton’s Jessica Brown-Findlay) singing in the toilets, he was moved to spend all of his hard-won credits to enter her in a TV talent contest not-so-loosely-based on that one with the big whooshing X in the title sequence. But the show’s deliciously evil judges, led with relish by Rupert Everett in the Simon Cowell role, told Abi that they didn’t need any more singers, and coerced her into becoming a porn actress instead.
Incensed, Bing eventually tricked his way back in front of the judges and, with a shard of glass held to his neck, delivered a passionate diatribe against manufactured culture. They simply smiled indulgently and signed him up to present his own show (“the throat-cutting thing – neat gimmick”). Ultimately nothing changed, but Bing got his own penthouse.

But I think the show was completely one sided, the energy for the current city they are living, is powered through cycling. Lets be real, we have many sources of Energy from renewable and non-renewable sources of Energy, if as shown in the show, was the technology progressed, then there must be some good progress in the technologies related to Energy Sources, particularly renewable sources of energy like Sunlight, Wind, and water and I am very much sure, our future power source comes from renewable sources mainly, with some what dependency on non-renewable sources. Most humans working to generate power is not plausible. This is a big world, there definitely going to be many sources of employment other than power cycling. We can at least switch jobs, with skills up-gradation in any field. As to the digital currency, it’s going to be wonderful, eliminating the need for physical money(in the show, it is shown as credits – in real world, the best substitute is bitcoins) eliminating for the most part, I think black money, more transparency, no need for carrying money or worry about the loss of money, sure there will be problems with new digital currency, but i think the benefits outweigh problems, more than that we humans can work around the problems. As to the authenticity, yes it’s going to be a big problem, with increase in technology as our lives become more digitized, we can easily portray a different personality than ours, but the good thing I can think of is people will get more connected, the number of people a person can meet and talk multiplies exponentially, within one’s lifespan. Maybe it’s a good thing, it atleast gives us a chance to be authentic with more people, if not with everyone.

Stray Observations:

 ‘New from Wraith Babes, the hottest
girls in nasty situations.’
 Ads are going to become part of our online life, with free online stuff comes ads. I think we don’t have much control over ads, if we go for free stuff, but Internet is a huge network with people and resources, with a bit of patience and research I think we can find the stuff we need for free without ads bombarding on us. As in the show, paying to stop ads, might be possible for stuff which you really care about is available for free(without ads, there will be no stuff at all).
Almost the only real thing in there,
As technology advances, everything seems to be generated artificially (of course through raw materials whose structure and made up is discovered and can be generated through artificial means), So the real things get more and more rare from food to animals. But you see there is this other thing, when we progress greatly in one domain, other domains will catch up too. These things will cancel out each other in the end i dunno how, but I am optimistic that there will be some real things in life.
Can’t you just use that CPT app?
What’s that?
This cognitive behavioral thing.It realigns your thinking
to pick healthy food. Whispers you into it  while you sleep.
Using apps to make better decisions, changing our actions is not new thing, there are many apps like healthy diet apps, physical fitness apps, stock market apps etc.., But you always have control over these apps. They don’t force you do anything unless specified so. You can always stop using these apps. It’s a choice, you have to live with the consequences. I think we should live more consciously and carefully, otherwise our lives would become messy, confused and difficult.
Compliance Drink? It’s compulsory for all contestants.
More to the point,  it’ll stop you puking with nerves.
The show makes us feel, that our lives are controlled and we don’t have choices. This compliance drink is one such thing, which makes participants to comply with whatever the judges are saying. It’s kind of like with more money you have more control over many things.It’s kind of sickening to see judges decides what the participants has to become than participants deciding what to become.

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