When Surroundings define Who Am I?

We are so much defined by our surroundings than we think. The question ” Who am I ?” assumes, you take into consideration the environment you grew up. I am not taking about the people and their behavior. Of course they are a part of that too. But I am more concerned about the actual surroundings like trees, places, houses and buildings the aesthetics part. So much of our memories are associated with them. Those memories, like the kind of feelings we get when we think of something is directly proportional to these surroundings.

Let me tell you a story

There were 2 big tamarind trees in the backyard of my friends home in his village. He used to play under the shadows of the trees and on the trees when he was a kid.  Somehow his memories are associated with the green color of trees, the blue sky over it, animals near to the trees. All combined will produce some kind of aesthetic experience and added to the memories.

Unfortunately those trees were chopped down. Now that aesthetic experience will exist only in the memory of my friend. It is unique and no will experience the same surroundings the way he experienced it. The surroundings were as part of him as the people are. He cannot define who he is without them. With his death his aesthetic experience will be lost forever from history. The next generation will experience different aesthetic experiences with the same surroundings. The surroundings do change with time, so our memories associated with them.

Finally in defining Who I am, the surroundings are as inseparable as people and their behaviors. They play a role a shaping our emotions and feelings and in turn a memory of them.

Rumblings 13.04.2017

Everyone is Alone
Everyone lives in their own world,
that crazy, comfort and cozy place.
Ever felt fear coming out of that cushion,
moving into that uncertain and ambiguous world.
and Oh! people would expect you to be something
little they know of the inner world of the person.
We so much expect and exert certainty on the world,
we forget that this world is based on Entropy.

Oh you, Universe, of all the principles why did you choose
Entropy. Why do you like chaos, destruction, disorder
so much??

Behold you humans!! said the Universe,
have Patience, one day you would realize that because
of Entropy you are what you are.. and behind us it
mocked Whether you would like it or not?

Rumblings 09.04.2017

Once, there was this beautiful world,
and it started to crumble, piece by piece
it slowly vanished into the vastness of time.
No memory of it existed in the minds of people or lore, only in the
memory of time it existed. This place was dear to time, for
It’s like all the beauty & wonderful things of the universe existed
in that place at that time. Yet forgotten by the lore.
Such is the nature of time. It’s always watches over us, wondering
why are we working so hard at something only to be
destroyed by it. For time could never understand the inner
turmoil of men, he is only an active observer, Never an active

Ethical Dilemma

Last Week, I was traveling from my sisters home to my home by Auto which is approx. 20 km. apart. So here is what happened.

The driver didn’t give a ride to a person who is suffering from a skin disease. If you see the person you will know. Here is the thing. Is it right, not to give a ride to the diseased person?

While the dilemma is an old one, I think the answer is bit complex. From goodness point of view, it is wrong. For how couldn’t you not give a ride to a person based on some skin disease. He is ready to pay the ride. In an ideal world, you are obligated to give him a ride out of duty and compassion.

But in the practical world, he can’t give the ride because it would affect his business for who wants to sit beside a person who has some skin disease, it may not be contagious. But still the site of the disease makes us feel uncomfortable, sometimes horrible. Might be because of evolution as man tried to deal with diseases by isolating the people with disease. For some socially conscious might say, it might not affect his business by just giving a single ride. But the thing is, he was already earning a small wage monthly. Losing even a single ride might affect him personally. So what would you do in this case?

Maybe some serious people might get down from the ride, because of personal moral values, causing uncomfortable in others, for these people now have to question their own moral values. But this is an ideal case, but I think such a person might not get very far in this financially motivated world. There are other people like me I guess who are observers, who think by doing small things, is not going to change the world. So let the world play out and watch from a distance until it affects our personal lives or we become victims. So whatever, the dilemma is this what would you do in this situation?

Free Will with Constraints?

Lately I was wondering is there any such thing as complete free will? For me free will is nothing but the complete freedom to do anything you want to do. I am not going to discuss the moral constraints . I do accept the moral constraints. Even when you act according to morals, still you are not using your free will. Because you are constrained by the rules of the game/life/situation. You might think what you are doing is completely according to your will, but you aren’t. That is a big illusion. Let me illustrate this

I am not much of a cricket fan or neither do i know much about it. But with whatever I know let me explain, If you observe cricket matches, bowlers and batmen are limited by ground size, playing field, audiences, boundaries, climate and many more things. They don’t have control over them nor they can influence them but the inverse is true. The players are influenced by all the limiting factors. When a batmen or bowler plays very well, we think he has complete will over his playing but it is not, it is only for the time being. He is happy playing within the constraints and thinks everything is according to his plans, practice, skill but unfortunately it is luck most of the time. If it is not, a player should perform consistently. There are players who perform consistently, yes they have complete free will within those constraints. But it is a rare thing.

Likewise Life is a game, we are constrained by the fact that we are living a life and unfathomed things. Successful people are those who got lucky at some point. To think that they have complete freewill over the things is absolute blunder. Big Companies which are performing consistently are those which slowly mastered free will within the constraints of business.

What if someday we realize that life, earth, things are nothing but a part in the grand game designed by someone or something. What would you do when you realize your total life is an illusion?

Rumblings 16.02.17

What if you could look at the world through the lens of “caring”, not the helping, sympathizing, pitying kind of view. Instead, through the lens of ‘What do you care about most?’


We tend to view the world mostly through data(measurement), statistics and trying at best to understand the reality ignoring taste, experience, emotions. Ex. US Elections most thought Hilary  Clinton would win based on data, but the other thing has happened.


The other way of looking at the world & which is a famed one(most aspire to) is through Reality, seeing ‘ things as they are ‘.
But what if it is not the most useful way to look at the world ?
If we look at the world through reality, then competition, winners, losers, depression etc.. all kinds of quantifiable things come into play, for reality focuses more on winning, money etc.., which for most feels like a burden/ depressive look at the world.


Instead learning to care about things, objects that interest us makes life easy, for we needn’t understand the complex reality for we only care about that which interests us, we give attention to those things or people we care about, we take action on things we care about. Sort of the author quotes ‘being home in the world’ This is not your “I don’t give a shit” thing, it’s being deeply involved. This kind of involvement creates effectiveness. Caring is being so much involved. It’s what you call Buber’s Ich-Du – a kind of totally pure relationship devoid of any expectations, explanations, or anxieties. When we care about something so deeply everything falls away including your own ego.


There are many by products for this kind of view, such as shifting from finite(goal, end) game to infinite(being playful matters instead of results) game. The point is we try to understand the world better by slowing a bit, and working towards increasing our relationships with world by caring about it.